• Joel M

Top 10 Tips and Tricks on How to Make The Wedding Day Go Smoothly

A wedding day is a huge moment in any individual’s life. For many, it’s a new beginning and a fabulous start to brand new adventure with the person you love most. With months of pre-wedding planning, stress and preparation taking a toll on the soon to be bride and groom, it’s no surprise why lots of couples deal with a bit of stress leading up to and on the wedding day. So what’s the secret to wedding day success? How does one ensure everything goes according to plan? And above all, how do you keep your cool with a million things going through your mind on top of the excitement and nerves? If you plan on tying the knot soon and answered yes to any of the questions mentioned above, I’ve got some great news for you. Here are 10 tips and tricks for a smooth lead up to and day of your wedding.

Husband & Wife! - Guelph Wedding at Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate

Way before the wedding, focus on your health and well being from the start

The last thing you would want is to be a dull groom or bride that’s been deprived of nutrition, sleep or good exercise because of the stress of wedding planning. Remember you are what you eat and that can affect your mood and stress levels. Start eating clean, months ahead of the big day. Hit the gym, take a class, meditate, do stuff that makes you happy. This will keep you relaxed, rested and happy in the days and weeks leading up to the big day.

Assign a trustworthy member from your bridal party to help out your wedding photographer

Create a thoughtful emergency bagWedding photography is going to be an important part of the day for so many reasons (Duh...that's why you're here!). And getting the perfect shot can sometimes takes a bit of coordinating, especially when it comes to family photos. A great wedding planning tip is to assign one member from the wedding party that knows all of your family to coordinate with your wedding photographer. Make sure you’ve talked to your photographer about al your must have family photos and let them know that your helper will be pointing out who’s who and helping get family and guests organized for any essential group shots.

Bridal Party Swag

Make wedding day essentials/emergency bag

Emergencies can strike at any time and the wedding day is unfortunately no exception. Be extra prepared and create a wedding day essential/emergency bag to have with you on the big day. A few key things to include; snacks like granola bars, crackers and a few water bottles. Don’t forget a sewing kit for dress or suit emergencies, a bit of super glue for a potential broken shoe, jewelled accessory or the ribbon on a bouquet that may have come apart. Extra ribbon, tooth flossers or dental floss, a toothbrush and tooth paste, bobby pins, lipstick, cover up, hair spray, deoderant and eyeliner do wonders for for when you want to freshen up in the bridal suite or if there's an accidental make up smudge or unexpected tear that may have taken place while meeting and greeting family, friends or guests. Last but not least, some tissues for the sentimental moments, perfume (because who doesn't want to smell nice?!) and some emergency medications like advil, tylenol or gravol are super handy items to remember.

Find your Zen on the morning of your big day

To help keep the stress away the morning of the big day, indulge in something relaxing on the morning of your wedding. Visit the spa, sneak in a quick yoga session with your girls or a nice sit down chat over a cup of coffee, there’s simply no better way to wake up and ease into your wedding day than this.

Stressed? Just stop by the swings and chill right out...works everytime!

Make it a point to avoid drama

Whether you like it or not, drama always works its way up on the wedding day. And the best thing to do is anticipate it and roll with it when it comes. All you can do for yourself is accept it, trust the team you've put together and smile away because it surely isn’t worth ruining your big day.

Try not to sweat your wedding dress/suit

From the crease to preserving that gorgeous expensive dress or custom suit, worrying about your wedding attire should be the last thing on your mind. This may be the last or only time you’re going to be wearing it so why not make the most of the moment. Wear the hell out of it!

Don’t worry about it getting dirty or how much you’ve spent. If that means running through a corn field or traipsing through a puddle to get an amazing photo....DO IT! You'll have the memory far longer than the piece of clothing.

Say cheers after you walk up the aisle

Get those champagne glasses, wine or a beer out with your wedding part and toast your newly minted marriage. Don’t forget to accompany your drink with some water and food too both to enjoy what you've selected for your guests and also to ward off an early exit from the reception! You’ll be amazed at the wonders small things like these can do.

Hire a professional videographer to create a film just for you!

Whether it’s the ring exchange, first look with your partner, your personalized (always personalized!) vows or the first kiss as husband and wife, having someone create a dynamic and beautiful film of your wedding day is an amazing way to remember your day.

Turn your cell phone off

Focus on being present and in the moment and don’t let small distractions get to you. Switch off that cell phone or simply hand it over to someone you can trust, but don’t let it bother you. You put a team together, leave it in their hands to get everyone where they need to be!

Let it all go and allow yourself to let loose

Whether things go right or wrong, it’s all a part of life. Laugh over things you can’t control and just go with the flow. Smile, dance and enjoy. Your wedding is the biggest day of your life and it’s a celebration for you two and all of your friends and family!